More Marijuana. More Farce.

Each day, unfortunately I see how New Hampshire is becoming more and more of a Massachusetts based farce instead of a sovereign state.

The papermills in Groveton are closed and economic deprivation has enveloped the whole area which boasts some of the highest unemployment and home foreclosure rates in the state.

Groveton Papermill in better days. It's closed now. The idea people want to grow marijuana here. Their salaries are paid for by NH taxpayers. The only real jobs that are now being created are idea people.

For example economic development consultants, quid pro quo academians from New York based Syracuse University; and lastly the NH taxpayer financed North Country Council Inc. which has many quality and lengthy- wordy ideas on how to be successful in the future.

“Marijuana used for medicinal purposes, grown by a non profit.” or a quote very similar to this said Pat McGarvin who is an Economic Development planner at North Country Council. As reported in the Caledonian Record newspaper which I don’t have in front of me.

Growing weed in the abandoned mill buildings at Groveton.

Is this for real?

Please keep in mind that all these consultants, ideas and their six figure salaries are paid for by NH taxpayers.

I’ve already attempted to ask my local elected officials about “ideas” like this one.

Perhaps having the Commonwealth of Massachusetts annexing New Hampshire wouldn’t be a bad thing in this way they’re wouldn’t be any illusions about government and its role in society or life in general.

It would be well known what this is all about…