Upcoming U.S. Senate Races

It’s a ways out before there can be any real campaigning for the U.S. Senate and to challenge incumbent senator C. Jeanne Shaheen.

The news media is bandying around two candidates: Sen. Jeb Bradley and former senator Jim Rubens. Lots of things can happen especially in areas like fundraising and strategy but I’m now wondering that if the political laundry is laundered whether the Rubens campaign actual or proposed becomes nothing more than a distraction? Or even less…

I first heard of Rubens when I was running for the house in 1994 especially the part about spending $66,000.00 to defeat an incumbent senate president in a hotly contested primary. At the time I wondered where these funds would come from and what could be the justification for spending this amt. to gain a position that only pays a mere fraction of this ,but, this is the senate district that includes the coveted and powerful Hanover-Dartmouth elite power complex.

So a possible Rubens candidacy in 2014?  I’m sure there are powerful geopolitical elements at work like the Granite State Coalition Against Expanded Casino Gaming of which Rubens is at the forefront. Beyond this, I’ve only heard Rubens term himself an “angel investor.”

Former Sen. Rubens led the defeat of expanded casino gaming. But would a run for U.S. Senate catch traction? Whatever this actually means.

I’ve read in the Wall Street Journal and other places that angel investors typically lend money to investors and venture capitalists at a higher rate of interest than what banks charge this includes lending money to financially distressed firms with bad credit issues. I’ve also read that the reported performance of many angel investors ranges from bad to horrible which makes sense as the risk parameter(s) for these shaky investments is not only higher but in many cases the whole investment is moving into uncharted waters.  A partial listing of projects that fit this category:

-         Commercial Real Estate in Romania.

-         Anything funded by Junk Bonds.

-         Kazhastan Natural Gas Exploration.   

I don’t know what is going to happen in the upcoming race for U.S. Senate but it will be interesting to see how the campaigns evolve, strategize and fundraise to this goal.