Voices Of Sanity. Fiscal Responsibility 4-1.

Politics is a thankless job. It really is.

Today’s Union Leader: The state wants to pay a consultant $75.00 an hour or $177,000.00 for an educational bureaucrat insider named Karen Soule to determine something really strategic like “teacher effectiveness.”

Thankfully we have an Executive Council that looked at the state contract and tabled it.

The vote was 4-1.

Guess who the one was?

If this isn’t an argument against career politicians and representing a bureaucracy that is willing to drain everything to pay for their tastes, ideals and way of life and that of their friends. Including defending another disfunctional, poorly managed educational bureaucracy in Washington, D.C. over the immediate needs of his own district!

This is not unbelieveable it's simply par for the course.

It’s time for a change in Executive Council District #1!!!!