Dirty Or Clean Underwear

I’ve tried to stay away from this whole NH voter registration thingy.

If someone from Cambridge, Ma. or Uzbekistan wants to come to New Hampshire to vote in an election and they work at it hard enough is it really life or election changing to have this happen. I’m thinking that this is a lot like putting barbed wire up across the U.S./Mexico border it might be a symbol of deterrence but in reality it looks really bad and does little to stop the issue at hand. Whether this is someone who wants to go to New Hampshire to vote or to go someplace else besides Mexico.

For me this changed today reading about the daughter of U.S. Senator C. Jeanne Shaheen. From the Union Leader newspaper,

"The younger Shaheen received national attention earlier this week when reports about her lingerie business, "Naked Undies," surfaced on BuzzFeed.com and other web sites, as well as in the New York Daily News. The company is registered to the Shaheen family's home address in Madbury. But the company's web site indicates its owners are based in Los Angeles.
The web site says that after "working tirelessly on the campaign trail" on her mother's behalf, "Eventually, Molly planted her roots in Los Angeles, working for top talent agencies." The site also says Molly Shaheen and her business partner "currently reside in Beverly Hills."
Molly Shaheen's Facebook page also says she: "Lives in Los Angeles, California."

The underwear business.

Wonder what their net sales were as daughter Molly was trancing from Madbury to reportedly, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills!

I think sham, fraud, lies and deception all fit in quite well here.  But I don’t know exactly where.

Guess that’s the magic of politics is somehow that all this can all go away. ..

Good fences make for good neighbors and shove the Shaheen's behind the damn fence.