Politics Or Racing.

Recently I had to make a choice in life as most people do.

It came down to two choices and I could only do one:

-  Drive up to a hot steamy unairconditioned Berlin City Hall and sit and listen to a “quid pro quo” consultant talk about how New Hampshire should spend some $750,000.00 on yet another taxpayer fed feasibility study which is rail oriented. This would be followed by lacking in detail (fluff) speeches by Executive Councilor Ray Burton.  I’d be there to demonstrate how reality and facts show that this study and spending $750,000.00 clearly isn’t needed and why the Berlin City Council shouldn’t authorize it.

 -  Drive to North Woodstock, NH and watch an American-Canadian Tour 250 lap late model car race. Listen to some really funny jokes from the announcer, sip an ice cold drink and then they play the national anthem of Canada at intermission O’Canada.

 So you’ll probably never guess the choice I made.

I don’t feel bad about this either. I’ve heard the term “Democracy isn’t a spectator sport.”

Yes it is.Democracy is most definately a spectator sport.

If you don’t have the horsepower, driving skills, sponsors (money) and most importantly a crew chief and team supporting you to win the race then you won’t win any of the races-- period.

The same is true in NH politics.

I don’t know why they even bother having these stupid public hearings anyway.