More Fluff From Gov. Hassan

So I'm reading the official press release for Gov. Hassan signing S.B. 143 the "Pathway To Work." legislation. I don't think it takes a very deep analysis to see where this leads:

More spending.

As if an idea like this hasn't already been tried how many times in New Hampshire.

I tried to read into some more information about this program which of course is supported by an infastruture of bureaucrats, consulatants and psydo intelligent people who don't want to do any real work but don't have an issue on giving advise to unemployed people on how they can do their work. A case in point on how this works: (or does not work).  

The New Hampshire Department of Employment Security has already identified 400 potential applicants for this "Pathway To Work." program. These people have been reportedly" tracked" in other words the department has already screened the potential applicants to make sure that they meet the requirments of the program. Wonder how many hours they spent on this? DES has also sent out 400 letters to the potential applicants that they've already screened. Think envelopes moving through a postage meter. If the average of cost of the postage is .92 cents a letter that translates into $368.00.

It all adds up.

I wonder if the Hassan adminsitration is going to spend much time showing how successful this "Pathway To Work" program really is.?   I'm sure they'll write a press release this isn't real work eithier.