Berlin Gets It Right.

Previously I had reported to my disgust another sales pitch by consultants and politicos for more taxpayer money to study rail in New Hampshire this time the target was Berlin, NH and the lines that move across the region to Canada.

According to my sources whom I won’t reveal the public hearing before the city council turned into a used car saleslot with all the pitches and promises being made including one ludicrous idea to move trainloads of people from Portland over to the new casino at Oxford, Maine. It was all capped off with Councilor Ray Burton explaining how he has supported rail “through the many years.”


But I’m very pleased to report that though the Berlin city council did vote to support the idea of expanding passenger rail in this area of the world they didn’t vote to support more money for consultants, fees, etc.  A victory.

The idea of expanding rail in any context in northern New Hampshire is a cocktail conversation and nothing more than this. It’s unfortunate about the underlying economic circumstances that have caused this but this is still the reality.

I’m glad the elected officials on the Berlin city council are representing reality and not political payola and more spending of money New Hampshire does not have.