Hassan Approval Rating

The Berlin Daily Sun newspaper is reporting about the economic realities facing the town of Gorham, NH. The selectmen there are now dealing with a local property tax delinquency rate approaching $1.1 million dollars. Gorham, NH is one such example of what is really happening in New Hampshire.

 A $1.1 million dollar property tax delinquency rate.  “Selectmen reviewed the current number of unpaid taxes, a long list that totalled $1,017,837.”

A long list.

I’m surprised the UNH Survey Center hasn’t published a statistical survey with a +/- 5% margin of error demonstrating the popularity of Gov. Hassan after her failed $80 million dollar built in budget proposal and her awe inspiring “innovation tours” showing captivating photographs of robots and the intellectual based future of New Hampshire.

I don’t have the definition of the word sham in front of me but its right there. And I don’t have to say this; I'll just do like a programmed robot or a machine would:

The numbers will speak for themselves.