Making The Calls.Making It Happen.

I’m very likely 5-6 people away from what happened, if it happened at all but I’m still reporting it.

Today I spent several hours at a NH car garage getting a 105K service on my most excellent 2009 Subaru Legacy the service writers and mechanics were not only excellent, the final bill came in lower than what was initially quoted.  A most cool situation indeed.

In any case I’ve learned as an automotive driver to always treat service writers and mechanics with great respect; after all they’re working on my car. I like Late Model car racing and I’ve found many of them do too; so it’s something to discuss when especially as they’re diagnosing $$$ what is needed to be done to my car.

It’s like running for a political office, find a common ground have an interesting discussion and then hopefully the votes will be there.

Let’s move on…

From what I’ve heard there is going to be a major All Terrain Vehicle (ATV) at Jericho State Park in Berlin, NH this weekend. People from all over the world will be coming to this state park to ride their ATVs and be a tourist in New Hampshire. The problem is this: many of these ATV riders are staying at motels on state, local roads adjacent to Jericho State Park and riding their ATVs on these roads is a no-no.

The Board of Selectmen in Gorham attempted to gain a waiver before the state agency involved which is Safety and they received the typical do-nothing, me-first bureaucracy that exists in Concord which only serves themselves.

From what I’m hearing is that Gov. Maggie Hassan got directly involved in this issue, made the phone calls and now there is a waiver in place so that the ATV riders can use the local, state roads to participate in the event at Jericho State Park.

If it’s true Gov. Hassan should be given some credit for making this happen.