There Is A Free Lunch

New Hampshire hasn’t even escaped the clutches and unfunded mandates of No Child Left Behind and now there is yet another federal program that will prove to be as equally disastrous and more than likely unfunded.  It’s called Common Core.

From what I’ve seen is that instead of the state deciding what is to be taught in the elementary and secondary schools the Federal government now takes control of all curriculum in the subjects that are taught. They’ve been trying to do this anyway, and I’m sure they’ll dole out a few ‘free’ technology dollars for schools like Tamworth to replace textbooks with government programmed IPADS.

I’m surprised they haven’t revamped the N.H. school lunch program as well. Common Core.

In Berlin where the welfare to work ratio is at least 75% if not higher the educrats are whining that parents aren’t paying for the school lunches and their now out some $2300.00. And this is in poverty to wealth school district that can still afford to pay administrators and curriculum directors $177,000.00 a year.

The same thing is happening in Detroit.