Promoting The Straws.

For the second time in as many days the Union Leader is running another story about the Balsam’s Resort stalled redevelopment project up in Dixville Notch.

Just like the last story the developers are pinning their $15-$20 million dollar hopes on this EB-5 programme where Chinese or at least asian investors are going to pour in serious money in exchange for U.S. citizenship. Of course the Vermont example continues to be used and like I stated in my last blog on this same subject the entire Vermont Congressional delegation has been working on their application for years and their projects despite this coordinated effort still aren’t a “done deal.” I’m actually reading in the Caledonian Record newspaper that some of the Vermont developers are now seeking U.S. financing sources in addition to the EB-5 application. This says something.

Back in New Hampshire I’d like to ask:  Where is Gov. Hassan on this Balsam’s project? Gov. Hassan touts this whole “innovation idea.” so where is the capital to finance the ideas?  

Where is Rep. Anne Kuster on the Balsam’s project? Might she take some time from her busy Washington schedule to actually do something of substance for her district?

Beyond this the Balsam’s is a historic property and I’m sure the redevelopment effort has some merit in terms of local job creation but is it really that fair for U.S. taxpayers to be offering a subsidy for this redevelopment effort especially since it’s a resort and its market area and usage isn’t as large as the taxbase it’s drawing from?