Rubens Is Flawed And This Is Bad.

I’ve been following the possible candidacy of Rubens For U.S. Senate. If his current performance is any indication this campaign sinks like a lead balloon.

Two examples quickly come to the surface. First he says “parts of OBama care are good.” But doesn’t say which parts these are. I think if the facts are checked the NH healthcare ratepayer will see a 15-17% increase in premium starting this January followed a reduction in services available at healthcare facilities.

Check you own insurance provider and you’ll see what I mean. And Ruben’s thinks this is a good program or at least parts of it are.

Then they’re’s the wonderful “cap and trade” program that he seems to like so much. This is one of those theoretical ideas that is good for the environment, is supposed to work in a market based economy and like politicians like to tout “it’s a win-win.”

Except it isn’t.

Cap And Trade is a redistribution of wealth scheme the same thing esposed by the very senator C. Jeanne Shaheen he is considering running against. Also, New Hampshire is primarily a rural state and other than trading in tax credits I don’t a lot of widespread statewide benefit on an issue like cap and trade. I think if Ruben’s were serious about energy policy, which he doesn’t appear to be, he would arguing for policy like Weather Adjusted Rate Mechanism or WARM where providers make a greater profit selling electricity that is actually used and the season when it is used instead of simply “bundling” rates into redistribution of wealth schemes like cap and trade.  

In politics nothing ever is as it seems.