Hassan Social Welfare State

My sources tell me that Vermont now has so many people drawing on welfare and unemployment benefits that the state had to issue bonds to cover the payments.

The state has now defaulted on the bonds and the federal government is now in the process of bailing the state out.

Is Gov. Hassan leading New Hampshire into a social welfare state like Vermont?The costs of social welfare.

It’s interesting how this has somehow escaped the media. They seem to be missing the anti-Medicaid expansion issue too.

“More money, more money.” Seems to the marching cry regardless of where it’s coming from and how much it’s going to cost taxbase that doesn't exist.

The same thing is happening over here in New Hampshire. Gov. Hassan appoints yet another commission that will study medicaid expansion in New Hampshire. I wonder whether they’ll study like what happens to existing citizens and insurance carriers that are already in New Hampshire.

“More money, more money.”

Health insurance rates will go up.

This is social welfare at its best.