The Giffords, Kelly Contract Agreement.

So I’m sitting here on the internet struggling to post my blogs to and asking question(s) why the bandwidth is being eaten up.

Thumbs Up: Former Congresswoman Giffords for increased gun control yet nothing is said about violence and video games. Photo Credit:New Hampshire Union Leader.One answer: kids.

That’s right some kids playing online video games: Assassin’s Creed, Modern Warfare and Call of Duty parts 1, 2 and even “Black Ops.”

Black Ops.

These are games that require as a prerequisite: weapons handling, tactical combat operations and the ultimate: the killing of human life. I haven’t played any of these games it’s my understanding that they do include a brief political and geopolitical overview of the combat theatre in question, i.e. Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.

I as an adult don’t understand why the U.S. has a 9 year plus year military presence in Afghanistan with no victory in sight, millions of dollars and lives spent, but this is still enough material for a $50.00 video game played on $300.00 consoles like the PS3 and the XBOX 360.

Video Gaming is a multimillion dollar industry in the United States.

So the kids are eating up all the bandwidth with violence and killing: I’m assuming they’re killing the Taliban or some enemy of the U.S. state. Perhaps they've got some intelligence from drones to help them on their journey.

So where am I going with this…

Former Member of Congress Gabrielle Giffords and her husband Former Navy Captain Mark Kelly are in New Hampshire are making a political argument and I’d term a spectacle about why more gun control measures are needed.

More regulations are needed. Especially here in New Hampshire.

If you notice neither one of these two say anything about video games and violence.

Why is this?

I'd put the answer to this question somewhere between Hollywood (Jewish) finance and the way politics works in this country.