UNH Emissions Trading Schemes?

For some time I really believed that the environment was going to become a pillar of the U.S. economy. It started with legislation like the Regional Greenhouse Gas Iniative (RGGI), Renewable Portfolio Standards and established trading in such things like emissions, CO2 gasses and to a lesser extent the weather.

The law of the land the new way of doing things in the 21st century.

I’ve even read press releases from companies like evomarkets.com about auctions sponsored by UNH for tax credits, structured finance in emissions and CO2. Basically the air we all breathe traded as a commodity like soybeans, crude oil or silver.

It's a brave new world out there.


I’ll stop short of calling all of this a sham but it’s very close to the word deception.

And UNH is involved.

I was hoping that with the budget cuts of the last biennium that UNH would jettison it plethora of overpaid consultants, academians and lobbyists and instead become what its intended purpose: a college of higher education.

Not the be the case.

I’m not a fan of Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan-- I think the surface is scratched with this one she’d sell out almost anyone for ideas in ambition and politics like UNH emissions trading schemes. But I'll turn a quick dime, it's easy to fault a lawyer turned politician and I’m sure her road to the top has been a challenging one like any leadership endeavor becoming the Governor of New Hampshire.

But when schemes are very close to outright fraud?

“If you’re not stopping it you’re condoning it.”

Some people still have the ability to sleep at night.