Excel Vote.

I'd be surprised if the upcoming vote on the Excel state contract doesn't make some news. I don't have the item number in front of me but it's there.

The Excel state contract is from the NH Liquor Commission; a multimillion dollar logistic based contract that provides all the distribution and retail networks for the operation(s) of the state liquor stores thoughout the state.

The contract has long been held by Law Warehouses Inc. of Nashua. I believe their appeal is still or even now being heard in the State Supreme Court. I'm not a lawyer but from what I've read I don't think Law has a very strong appeal. The Liquor Commission had three applicants for the state contract and they selected Excel.  So for lawyers to get involved and try and argue that the granting of Exel isn't legal or there are legal problems I don't see it. But the Supreme Court has the say.  But I'll close this out but suggesting that any company that has to resort to litigation (namely Law) to solve what they couldn't do in a competitive bidding environment should be looked at with at least some skepticism.

I've been very critical of the votes of the Executive Council this year. But I think this Excel contract is a quality vote for New Hampshire. Excel is building a brand new facility in Bow (smart)which will not only save costs but will improve service to the end user which is ultimately the NH taxpayer. I've had some experience with Excel as an OTR Truck Driver they run the warehouse operations at the Hershey Chocolate Factory in Hershey, Pa.  I think they do an excellent job.

Hopefully the Executive Council will vote this contract in 5-0 and New Hampshire will move forward.