Is Bragdon A Vidkun Quisling?

Is Bragdon A Vidkun Quisling?NH Senate President Bragdon reminds me of one Vidkun Quisling. History will repeat itself. Vidkun Quisling. Norway never got it's independence the LGC won't either.

I’m disgusted with Senate President Bragdon’s appointment to a $180,000.00 year post at the Local Government Center (LGC).

My immediate thoughts is that Bragdon is very similar to on Vidkun Quisling of Norway; an unremarkable human being that really can’t get to stardom but somehow gets to the surface due to circumstances.

In this particular case, and in the history of the world:

There is no backbone or leadership in this state and this is why this has happened.

History will repeat itself.

Norway never got its independence.

LGC won’t either.