Prime Rib Politics

So I’m standing here at the supermarket meat wall looking at the various cuts of beef, I’ve never much of a beef eater until I became a truck driver and spent some time at beef packing aka slaughterhouses in the mid west and western part of the U.S.

I’m now looking at an impressive cut of prime rib, bone in. It’s got an impressive price too: $5.56 a pound which according to beef is up .26 cents from the price last week and up .18 cents from its highest price last year.   The price of beef is up across the board. Does anyone even care?

So I’m looking at this impressive cut of beef thinking about the journey of cattle from the feedlot to the slaughterhouse to being transported across the United States in the dead of night to where it is today, a step away from a blazing grill and some A1 sauce. But unfortunately, on this day I’m priced out of the market.

And then another question comes to my mind. How many individuals with the NH EBT (food stamps) card are actually concerned about a .26 cent increase in the price of beef in one week?

And let’s take this a step further.

What kind of role does the NH Department of Agriculture have in an increase in the price of beef?

I’ll answer both questions.

Nobody cares as long as there is money on the NH EBT card. They’re not paying for it anyways.

The NH Department of Agriculture doesn’t care either there could be an argument that they have no control over the price of beef just like they don’t have the ability to watch federal legislation like the recent farm bill and its impact to farmers and at least warn NH residents that this is happening.

So I’d imagine they don’t care either regardless of who is paying for it.

Why does NH even need a Department of Agriculture?