Lt. Col. Allen West Gives A Talk.

“We have to have a legislative branch that asserts itself.”- Lt. Col. Allen West.

So I watched the interview with Lt. Col. Allen West whom I’m assuming is in New Hampshire for presidential aspirations.

I’ll stop short of calling it a cocktail conversation but it was close.

I’ll start with the comment above. How many times has Sen. John McCain trotted over to the Middle East and the Balkans to practice diplomacy-- is this not assertive enough? I’ve now reported on Wall Street Journal items about U.S. Senate Committee now “getting involved” in the role of banking and commerce regulator. I’d love to see in the U.S. Constitution where it says these types of activities are allowed by any legislative branch regardless of whether it is assertive or not.

The Lt. Colonel speaks well but again I think it plays well with a couple of drinks for example, he doesn’t want the U.S. to “become like Zimbabwe.” I don’t think anybody wants that. But if the colonel were to study history, which I'm sure he has he would quickly find out that things like "intervention" and "assertiveness" by imperial powers are as much to blame for the issues in Zimbabwe as problems generated that are generated internally. I think his statements would have a lot more credibility and impact if he had simply stated that the U.S. should stop intervening all over the world and saying, "stop interviening and compounding security issues back onto U.S. soil.”

This is a political event at a nice hotel in Nashua the Crowne Point I think. I’m sure everyone was very cordial and of course the music that gets played has to be music for the masses.

But it still could have been better.

If the GOP wants to win some elections it has to be better.