Rubens Performance Was Abysmal.

Exploratory U.S. Senate candidate Jim Rubens gave a speech before a NH GOP invited choir.

It was abysmal.

It was like a poorly thought out college presentation like attempting to describe the field of calculus in five minutes or less and laced with I,I,I and Me,Me and Me. “And I did this and Sen. Shaheen is bad and I stood against her.” Of course he has to also mention a “14% unemployment rate.” I wonder where he got this statistic from?

If this is the best that former Sen. Rubens can come up with his campaign is in deep trouble.

Exploratory U.S. Senate candidate Karen Testerman also spoke and she blew Rubens away in her presentation; her major problem is too much emphasis upon the military. She loves the military.

But let’s move on…

I served two terms in the NH House 1994-1998 which was the same period of time Rubens served in the state senate. Of course Rubens has to attack everything then Sen. Shaheen did on the issue of PSNH and electric deregulation. Ruben’s stated at least to the effect that “he stood against” Shaheen’s efforts and how she actually supported PSNH.

This isn’t what I remember.

I don’t recall Sen. Rubens opposing anything except to tout his own legislation, which to his credit was quality but this isn’t a blog about his legislation. I recall Sen. Shaheen carrying a lot of heavy water on this PSNH issue. Especially the “Friends of the Court Brief.” She submitted along with state legislators (I signed it) to resolve the issues with PSNH, settle the litigation, and move NH forward especially towards economic development and the health of the over-charged ratepayers.

Did Rubens do anything like this?


I’m not a Sen. C. Jeanne Shaheen supporter either. I think she was a very effective state senator but changed once she became Governor and later her involvement with the Harvard JFK School of Government.

But for Rubens to level these types of attacks is still unfair.

Rather than attack and negative politics Rubens should be talking about exactly what he wants to do for New Hampshire and the United States.