My Prediction: Smith Won't Run.

One of the unfortunate part of politics I think is the fraternity and sorority aspect of how things are done. Basically this means if you’re in your in, if you’re out your out.

It’s been some time since the defeat of U.S. Senator Bob Smith at the hands of a rising John E. Sununu but I think in some political circles Smith is still on the inside.

And politically he actually might be a strong candidate against the announced RINO candidate Jeb Bradley to the two “explorers” in Karen Testerman and former state senator Jim Rubens.

But I’ll predict Smith bows out of this one.

And the reason is capital.

Even if Smith could pour say $2.0 million into his own campaign followed by successful fundraising of at least $750,000.00 a quarter he would have to launch a massive, and I mean massive advertising and very likely a negative ad campaign against a well entrenched skilled and financed opponent.

Why would he want to do this?

Especially the demographic trends that exist in New Hampshire that show voting trends are now moving in inertia that says: