Biting At The Carrot.

I’m from northern New Hampshire so of course I’m tuned into what PSNH is doing, or not doing, with respect to the Northern Pass.

Today they’re dangling a carrot of some pittance that will be given in exchange for billion dollar rights to transmit power from Canada in perpetuity.

If you think that the people of New Hampshire are being screwed out of this deal you would be correct but what is even worse is the performance of the local politicians who, of course think about themselves first. Some examples:

Councilor Ray Burton gets up says that he is “opposed to the Northern Pass then he asks for money from PSNH for the Balsam’s project.” Imagine how this work the obsolete, rotting Balsam’s gets restored and a few low wage, dead end jobs get created and there will be a ribbon cutting ceremony of course. District #1 will never be forgotten!


Remember what I said about the billions of dollars that would flow through this PSNH proposed Northern Pass transmission system.  

And it doesn’t get any better NHInsiders it really doesn’t.

Sen. Jeff Woodburn has replaced his juvenile “baby steps” statement with “small steps.” Guess he wants to liken PSNH to a small child that needs to be introduced to the pedagogy of learning. All I can think of is that the Sen. Woodburn wants to somehow distract the real attention and the real issues, just like teachers do in government schools.

Forget iniative, forget imagination or even representing your district-- it all comes down to logic. Logic that in this case is clearly flawed.  Woodburn deserves an F.

It's often said that northern New Hampshire is neglected in compairison to other areas of the state. With politicians like these two I'd have to amend this to:

We've done it to ourselves.