Getting Beyond The Politics.

Previously I had reported about Executive Council item #111 a state contract that would have granted a lease to Pan Am Railways on the state owned railroad line west of Nashua and onto Bennington. Pan Am Railways train on the state owned line at Wilton,NH

Because of politics and support of Rep. Peter Leishman the Executive Council defeated item #111.

So I'm thinking that NH taxpayers get screwed on this one. No rail service, no contract and no revenue to New Hampshire so that the politicians in Concord can support Rep. Peter Leishman who is the owner of the previous leasee the Milford-Bennington Railroad and, has not reportedly provided any rail service on the line in some two years.

If this picture is to be believed then it looks as if NH DOT has pushed politics aside and granted a contract or at least "common carrier" rights for Pan Am Railways to begin service on the state owned line.

If this is the case NH DOT deserves alot of credit in getting past the politics and serving New Hampshire.