Ignorance, NKVD Intelligence and DWI Checkpoints.

This past weekend there were some reported DWI checkpoints in New Hampshire in places like Gilford and Bedford.

Some people were arrested at the DWI checkpoints for impaired driving. This is what these checkpoints are for. What really gets me is that the response to these checkpoints is often, “Well this is like the Gestapo.”

I guess this is supposed to conjure up images of the holocaust and just how evil Nazi Germany was and how New Hampshire DWI checkpoints is like the horrors of Nazi Germany.


Let’s start with the DWI checkpoints themselves. Whatever law enforcement agency it is has to go before a Superior Court judge with a lengthy application demonstrating the need for the checkpoint followed by verifiable statistics showing this need. If the application is found to be lacking then it is denied. I understand that more application(s) are actually denied then are approved. The hearings are open to the public and the judge will take and listen to testimony from the public either for or against the establishment of the DWI checkpoint.

You’ll probably never guess how many people actually show up at these public hearings?

Nobody shows up.

People will complain about the creation of a DWI checkpoint that saves NH lives and yet they don’t participate in the process they don’t even file comments about the process.

Then they’res this Gestapo thingy.

I’m a student of WW2 history including such things as the operations of German work camps such as Dachau, Sauchaussen, etc. including the military, economic and administrative apparatus that created and ran these death camps of which the Gestapo was a part.  

After studying German history I’ve come to the conclusion that if a comparison needs to be made about bad government anywhere including New Hampshire it should be with agencies like: Soviet Union, Josef Stalin, NKVD, Stasi and the network of gulags that existed in places like Siberia.

Where millions of people were terrorized, deported for no reason and ultimately killed by a Soviet system that was far, far worse than what the German system did.

But this isn’t what Hollywood and their Jewish masters want, so the brainwashed morons who don’t even participate in their own NH government can keep bringing up the Gestapo as if this has any type of comparison anywhere except demonstrating ignorance.