No Jeb No!

Jeb Bradley has entered the race for U.S. Senate.

Bong the drums and what may behold for New Hampshire!

Bong Bong.

I was in the NH House when candidate Bradley was chairman of Science, Technology & Energy; I was on that committee.

Each morning I would sit there wondering if RINO Bradley was a chairman or simply a message service for Gov. Jeanne Shaheen.

Oh yeah the lead sinker thing of course. RINO Bradley did a great job with the lobbyists as well they always got the premium seating at the hearing(s) at this time there were a lot of hearings, especially in the area of electric deregulation and PSNH.

I could go on here but I won’t...

I’m glad former Sen. Jim Rubens is considering making this a contested primary for RINO Bradley because if an exact analysis were to be done I’m confident that it would reveal that there is no difference between this RINO and the person he is running to replace.

So, Mr. Rubens could do the same thing to RINO Bradley that David Wheeler did to RINO Donnalee Lozeau “there’s only one Republican in this race and Donnalee isn’t a Republican.”

New Hampshire voters would understand this.

I remember when Jeb got elected to Congress one of the first things he said before WMUR, “We’re going to fully fund special education.”


This later became the disaster known as No Child Left Behind.