NHTI, Robots and Innovation (Lies) For New Hampshire.

So today I saw in the newspaper (can’t remember which one) about NHTI-Concord starting a new program in the fall.Rats have a bad reputation. But rats at least know how to think and survive. More than can be said of many leaders and programs in New Hampshire.

Robotic Technology.

And yet another example of not only how the politicians like Gov. Hassan are screwing this state but ultimately an attempt to “dumb down” society which makes sense because ignorant, uneducated people are easier to control and manipulate.

So let’s talk about robots.

These are devices that are designed to perform tasks whether this is simple or complex but what do robots really do?

They take away things like iniative, independence and the ability to think. The robots provide everything from food to the automobile that you drive. Except who is controlling the robots?

It’s a lot like those wonderful NH EBT cards many people have come to depend on, or feel they’re entitled to (a growing list) and ultimately it’ s about control. Concord decides who gets the EBT card and how much food they’re allowed to purchase. Just like the robots and mathematical matrixes will decide various things going forward.

I thought NHTI was supposed to be a state funded school where the students that attended actually learned instead of being indoctrinated. Think again.

I’ll put the blame on this to Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan.

She said it so eloquently in her “state of the state” speech, especially the parts about robots, STEM and innovation!