Is Charlie Bass Like Mario Batalli?

There is some kind of new cooking show on ABC it's pretty bad.

It's alot like Good Morning America except the theme is all cooking, with alot of commentary mixed in. I only watched one episode and Chef Mario Batalli was in it. The show featured some New York prep school, pompous thing spouting about something and I happened to catch the camera angle showing one bored looking Mario Batalli.

I can see why.

Batalli knows how to cook and probably has no use or time for the son or relative of the owner of the television station to say anything or his case, say nothing at all.

So this leads to the upcoming race for U.S. Senate in New Hampshire between incumbent C. Jeanne Shaheen and what I think is the most viable of candidates I've heard to date, former Congressman Charlie Bass.

I think Charlie Bass does know how to cook. I can't picture Shaheen making a bowl of popcorn.

This should be an interesting race to watch.