Just Not Enough.

Today I read the editorial by Vladmir Putin in the New York Times about Syria.

International law should prevail as should the well established United Nations.

Then I started reading an excellent editorial by former NH State Representative Bob Giuda on the same subject-- and he actually moved deeper into what would actually happen if the U.S. makes the preemptive strike and starts launching cruise missles at targets with a politcal type of reasoning.

There can't be a clear answer.

My first thought is how intelligent Rep. Guida is and how he might run for Congress against incumbent Annie Kuster.

Then I started thinking about reality and a recent photo op of Kuster showing her at a local kindercenter holding a teddybear with some cute little kids.

I'm not sure the voters of the NH Congressional District could really care about Syria and possible solutions there.

Why Guida can't win...