Red Book Analysis, Testerman.

Anyone that runs for political office should be given alot of credit. The possible candidacy of Karen Testerman into the race for U.S. Senate is deserving of this type of credit.

I'll also say that Ms. Testerman displays a skill that is lacking in the other possible candidates. And this is the ability to energize and engage a crowd. I think this can be clearly seen in her speech in Nashua recently, as she literally involved the crowd with her comments and connections to the military.

Who in a room of people doesn't know of someone in the military or has served themselves?

This is right out salesmanship 101 involve the customer in the decision making process to buy, or in this case vote. Lot's of brand recognition and cognative memory here. They'll remember the name Karen Testerman.

So lets move on the real challenge that faces Karen Testerman.

I'm starting to look at the NH Redbook and the voting population(s) and trends for prior races for the U.S. Senate. I'm going to hopefully work on the actual numbers and post them. But my initial survey impression:

Even if a well financed, well connected Charlie Bass weren't in this race this is still a tough one. The sheer reason is capital for one, and how much time Testerman would need to build the brand and name recognition needed to generate at least 42.7% of the vote needed for the nomination.

Even if Testerman could run a campaign on the inexpensive say, $350,000.00 what kind of resources will her campaign be able to position to the most effect? I'm thinking spend most of the time, capital in Manchester, Nashua and Portsmouth. She might even try a Kevin Smith "guerilla" type of strategy throwing all in for Boston television ads blanketing the southern tier.

This might change the percentages somewhat especially if Bass vs. Rubens has to turn nasty and ugly which I think it does, if both enter this race.

But Testerman still can't win.