More People Trying To Help.

It's amazing all these different political advocacy groups trying to 'help' New Hampshire.

I've already listed some, labeled them as freeloaders and just today I'm finding another group that is starting up. It's called the, Citizens for Clean and Fair Power their having an organizational meeting on September 19th from 7:00-8:00pm  at Pembroke Academy. They'll even have free refreshments.

I'll bet you want to know what Citizens for Clean and Fair Power wants to do for New Hampshire.

They want to close the coal burning power plant owned by PSNH at Bow, NH.

"The soot and smog from Merrimack Station lead to higher rates of asthma and heart attacks."Source: susanthe 

So, New Hampshire has another political advocacy group in the pipeline that doesn't like coal fired electric generation, which incidently, is reportedly considering converting the entire plant to clean fired, efficient, Natural Gas as a fuel source instead of coal.

But lets move on...

A better name for this new political group might be: Citizens who want to lead, follow or get out of the way.