Campaign In. Party Out.

I'm going to play the role of wingback chair commando in this blog.

I'm sitting in a wingback chair like John Erickson making an analysis on what could have happened, even if the event has already gone by.

Are you still with me?

John Erickson is probably the world's foremost authority on World War II history related to the eastern front and the German attack upon the Bolshevist and Josef Stalin led Soviet Union. Much of Mr. Erickson's analysis includes underlying geopolitical analysis as to why the strategy happened and evolved as it did.

There is a parallel in NH politics. History can and does repeat itself.

I'm thinking about the two announced campaigns: Jim Rubens and Frank Guinta.

Where is the NH GOP in all of this?

I see lack of coordination, lack of communication and lack of coherent strategy.

Campaigns ahead of party. The results will be disastrous.