Local Control Is Best.


This is a really good arguement and reason(s) for good legislators in New Hampshire. I hope that Rep. Cormier is successful in her Legislative Service Request (LSR).

My experience in the NH House.

Likely ITL.

"Referring to establishment of regional planning commissions in 1969, State Rep. Jane Cormier (R-Alton) said that was when the federal government began influencing local planning decisions. The regional planning commissions, she continued, "are not about municipalities working together but are part of a much grander plan." Cormier spoke of federal agencies "bypassing our Legislature and going into our communities to change our zoning laws."

"Your representation in Concord is being usurped," Cormier declared, vowing to file legislation that would do away with regional planning commissions, which she described as "huge, bloated, corrupt" organizations. "Our zoning ordinance shouldn't be manipulated by anyone," she insisted. "It's definitely a local control issue."

Source: Laconia Citizen Newspaper.   Today.