Socialism Doesn't Sell.

Currently I work in retail sales and each day I see hundreds if not thousands of people at work. Today, I saw an interesting scene that I really believe demonstrates something.

The U.S. Government or some state agency, (I don't know which one) came near my workplace and set up an information kiosk about this new national health care roll out which reportedly goes into effect January 1st. New Hampshire has already set up it's health care exchange as a part of this process.

You'll probally never guess how much interest there is in this kiosk.

Guess most citizens of New Hampshire aren't concerned with signing up for this new Heath care requirement that goes in effect January 1st. They must be pleased with their current health coverage.

I'm also wondering if members from groups like Free Keene, Occupy New Hampshire, Americans for Prosperity and other political groups that have vocally demonstrated in the statehouse plaza will be signing up for the government healthcare coverage or staying with their current providers?  

It's my understanding that the kiosk will be staffed full-time in a week or two. It should be intersting to see how much further interest there is in this new healthcare law.