Lambert Campaign Management.

I'll start out by saying that anyone that runs for major office like U.S. Congress should be given alot of credit for at least making the attempt.

Former state senator and Marine Corps. Colonel Gary Lambert is an example of this.

But now for the reality:  I'm looking at his announcement for the second district against Annie Kuster and his catchy campaign theme, "send the colonel to congress."

Having taking some college level courses in consumer behavior and market analysis I'm thinking about this type of message and how it resonates in a congressional district that now leans blue with an incumbent that doesn't have any major flaws except paying her property taxes a bit late.

Even for an experienced marine officer this is an uphill battle. All if it is uphill.

I'm not saying Annie Kuster can't be defeated because she can. But to defeat her will require bringing this battle to the voters actually right on their doorstep.

If I were the campaign manager here. I'd have the campaign announcement in front of a burned out forclosed property in the Lebanon area (there are plenty), faces of unemployment would be present (there are plenty), and a simple messge:

"Is this leadership in the second congressional district?"

Bring the battle right to the voters.

I'm also thinking about Texas Holdem Poker Strategy right now: Build a chip stack in the first 15 hands of the game or bust out trying. 

Now that the official annoucement has been made Lambert needs to stop talking about running for Congress and run for Congress.