Northern Trespass Critique.

So I went and watched the Northern Trespass film.

It is effective at tugging at the heart strings about such things as nature and the environment both of which are important, as the Cree Indians point out "after the last tree is gone and the last animal is dead the realization will come that money can't be eaten."

Hard to make an argument against this one.

But then I think it (film) starts to go south. Picture retirees complaining about "their" way of life as they've relocated from southern California to New Hampshire. Of course they don't want northern pass. They don't want progress and jobs either I don't know what they want. I asked a couple next to me why they didn't support it "we don't like the unsightly towers." they said.

I really liked the portion of the film about Hydro Quebec from what I've seen this is a source of electricity that does the least amt. of damage to the envionment. to me I'd rather support the use of Hydro Quebec rather than facilities like nuclear and coal.

The film simply spent way too much time being concerned with issues that can be resolved but strangely it didn't consider this. For example, burying the lines instead of the towers. I know for a fact PSNH has considered this I think the film would have been alot more balanced if they considered the future of New Hampshire instead of just killing the entire project.