Northern Trespass.


Tonight I'm going to go see the indie film, "Northern Trespass." which is the anti- PSNH documentary about the proposed northern pass transmission system through northern and central NH from Hydro Quebec.

I'm going to be coming at this objectively as I think I understand both sides.

I don't like the idea of steel transmission towers marching though NH enroute to the sea. I'm also concerned about PSNH and their corporate structure and managing this project, specifically the massive economic value involved and what this does to their position in the competitive marketplace. Just because a company makes more profits doesn't mean that their situation improves. It just means that the mines in the minefield become larger and easier to see. But there still very much present...

I'm also not sold on the idea that Hydro Quebec is a bad investment. New York, Vermont and Michigan have used Hydro Quebec power and it's been a very positive net gain for ratepayers and associated projects that rely on power.

So I'll go see the low budget film and take it from there.