Draft Benson.

If only this could be the truth...

I think a gubernatorial debate between former Gov. Benson and the lawyer turned politician would quickly reveal the following:

- Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan is incapable of answering a question that requires a "Yes" or a "No." Most lawyers don't have the ability to do this. Being Governor of New Hampshire doesn't have a law degree as a prerequisite.

- Gov. Hassan over use of "appointing committees" demonstrates that her office doesn't want to lead, doesn't want to engage itself in often difficult decision making that is required of all real leaders and corporate executives.

- Gov. Hassan has no real strategy to improve or even stabilize the economic conditions in New Hampshire. Even if her limited "highly regulated, higher end" casino ideas were to be realized they couldn't be sucessuful over the long run because even the smallest of ships needs a strong captain steering the course.

I don't know if there is any truth to the rumor that former Governor Craig Benson is being encouraged to run. I hope that he does run, and if he doesn't:

What is New Hampshire really being left with?