Gary Hirchberg As Power In NH.

I've said it before and I'm now saying it again,

Nothing in politics is ever as it seems.

Last night I went an saw the northern trespass film and of course I saw some things with a political undertone and making me really think about "what is really happening."

The proposed HVDC transmission system crosses the Canada/U.S. border at Pittsburg, NH near the working Armey farm which, sells all it's products to one customer: Stoneyfield Farms of Londonderry, NH.

See where this is going.

I'm really wondering if there is any real opposition to the 'northern pass' or whether this is the political designs of one Mr. Gary Hirchberg? I'm standing at least ten miles away from the heat of the issue but after watching this film and speaking with the people that say that they're opposed to the Northern Pass:

Questions. Theories. Conspiracy.

I think it would be unfortunate for all of New Hampshire for one man regardless of how powerful he is to stand in the way of substantial economic development and needed progress for this state along with the rest of the northeast.

For what?