Get Sick. Drive Further.

So I'm looking at the pages of democratic leaning Littleton Courier newspaper showing Gov. Maggie Wood Hassan recent visit to the North Country.

As you might imagine she is smiling and had many positive things to say. Of course!

I was particularly interested in her visit to a local healthcare clinic again, more smiles and the whole positive thingy. Let's move on...  I wasn't there but if I were I'd ask the "nearly flawless" governor what she feels about the implementation of the Obama Healthcare programme on Oct 1st and how local residents will now be required to go to Dartmouth or Lancaster,NH if they want medical services instead of local hospitals like Littleton which is 5-6 miles away.

I'm not even going to speculate on what she might say to this.

The best explanation of what I've heard is that socialism and rationing go hand in hand.

Before Communism fell the bread lines in Moscow were very long.