How Not To Be Depressed About NH.

Evertime I feel depressed about the whole scene in New Hampshire I go to Vermont.

I'm quickly not depressed anymore.

That state has sales tax, income tax, comprable real estate taxes and their economy looks like it's in the tank. For sale signs everywhere, vacant buildings, peeling paint, unemployment, fights in the street and a general mood of gloom.

Then I'm reading in the pages of the Caledonian Record newspaper of misappropriated economic development funds some $745,000.00 worth, money that was lent out an never repaid by some local and connected business people.

Guess the FBI didn't have enough direct evidence to support criminal charges...

But New Hampshire still looks a heck of alot better than Vermont.

Anyone that wants to make the arguement that more tax revenue leads to any form of prosperity only needs to look at Vermont to see that this idea clearly doesn't work.