Adventures In Healthcare.

It's been an interesting week.

My employer for the last eight years cut my working hours and, as I understand it starting in January I'll no longer eligible for health insurance benefits. I'm responding to this situation by leaving my employment, actually I've got a really good lead that will take me to some interesting places and they offer full benefits. It's time to move on.

In the meantime, I'm researching just in case a possible transition to the Affordable Healthcare Act (ACA); more commonly known as Obama Care. From what I've seen thus far this is almost a piece of garbage, at least it is here in New Hampshire. For starters they have a website where the user can enter information, well of course it doesn't run very well. Try and enter the birthdate and some of the other "choices" and you'll see what I mean. Then I finally got it to work and it my weekly premium increases by 47%. It was late and I stopped right there. It's my understanding that unlike my current health insurance, where I go to any hospital and/or physician that I choose; this ACA plan has all kinds of restriction(s) about which hospitals and physicians can be used.

This doesn't look like alot of "choices" to me.

I'm still researching the ACA and the New Hampshire Healthcare Exchange, which I understand is supposed to be the oversight and design of the ACA in New Hampshire.

I'll be reporting on what I find out.