Laundry On Spin Cycle.

It's been an interesting week.

Fellow blogger Rep. Steve Vaillancourt stirred up some sand from the bottom with his comments about Rep. Annie Kuster and liken (liken isn't a word), or at least a compairson to a "drag queen."

Rep. Kuster didn't waste any time with it. I think this alone shows why she should be re-elected to a second term. I don't think Rep. Kuster is the most exemplary politician or Member of Congress, but she clearly has enough expereince to be in this office. Especially with what the alternative is.

Think coin operated laundry. Garcia May Be More Attractive. But does she have enough expereince to be in the U.S. Congress?

In a previous blog I stated of my situation involving my healthcare insurance and a possible transition to the Affordable Care Act. I'm quicky finding out that I'm not alone in this situation as numerous companies in New Hampshire are thinning their ranks into part-time status and jettisoning healthcare benefits in the process.

I'm reading that Marilinda Garcia recently had a "Town Hall" in Littleton, NH and she was asked numerous times about the ACA and it's implementation. Instead of answering the question(s) or even "I'll have to get back to you on that." Garcia didn't do anything except find flaws in the ACA and suggested it's rollback.

This is great all these NH employees have been placed into "part-time" status lose their healthcare benefits and Garcia is talking about rolling back the ACA.

This isn't a campaign endorsement for Rep. Kuster either, but I'm confident that Kuster if asked wouldn't say something like this.