Sending Kids To Private Schools.

The New Hampshire general election is in what, some 22 days.

I'm continuing to believe and have confidence in that Gov. Maggie Hassan will be re-elected by a 54% margin, at least. Actually, after watching the Havenstein campaign in the past couple of days and reading former Gov. Merrill's editorial about Walt 2.0 am now thinking that the 54% victory is just the starting place....

I'm not even going to start thinking about what a second term Gov. Hassan is going to look like. Let's not go there.

One of the things that I really dislike about Gov. Hassan is her continuing support, preference and promotion of STEM in New Hampshire education. This is science, technology, engineering and mathematics. To me STEM is the ultimate "Leaving The Student Behind." They are left behind. And so isn't anyone that doesn't fit into a pre-packaged, pre-determined hard wired box based on success and achievement. Philips Exeter Academy. Education Leads To Achievement.

And this is to be implemented in the NH public school system. Gov. Hassan supports STEM over English, Art, Spanish and any program that doesn't emphasize STEM. Something is really wrong here. But let's look at this again from two other direction(s).

-Did I state that Gov. Hassan will be re-elected by at least a 54% margin? The citizens of this state are going to get exactly what they vote for.STEM leads to achivement and success. This is what Gov. Hassan wants for New Hampshire.

-Private Schools.

New Hampshire has many private schools examples include: Philips Exeter Academy, St. Paul's School and others. Many of the graduates of these schools go on to big things in society. I'm guessing here but I'd be willing to guess that private schools emphasize STEM and achievement in their curriculm. Question: I wonder with these economic condition(s), if enrollment is up/down at these schools. My guess is that enrollment is actually up.

"Nothing beats success like success."- Richard Nixon.

Gov. Hassan will be re-elected and she wants to implement STEM in NH public schools.

Wouldn't it just be easier for NH parents to send their kids to a private school?