Fury Movie Review.

It was opening night for the movie, Fury staring Brad Pitt and Shia LeBouf. I wanted to do a review while it's still fresh in my mind.

This movie is worth seeing just for the special effects, battle scenes and a graphic demonstration of the brutality and violence of the closing days of World War II. (And it is brutal).

I wasn't planning on even watching this movie after reading some of the reviews in the Boston Globe and other places, it seemed that this was another Hollywood-revisionist action history movie designed to sell tickets.

Not the case.

History, to me really wasn't an issue. It takes place in the closing month of the war as a defeated Nazi Germany breathes it last desperate gasps of air. This is an action movie. Brad Pitt is a hardened battle sargeant leading a Sherman Tank platoon to various rescue missions as an advancing U.S. Army has underestimated the fighting capabilities of small pockets of a defeated German army. This movie takes place inside of a tank named fury on the various missions...

This movie does something else that I haven't seen in any World War II movie including "Saving Private Ryan."which would be somewhat comparative. Deep character development here. Not only is the character well explained, but after some time I think the viewer can see the difference between right v. wrong and why things in war happen the way that they do. It is basically what can become unleashed.

My favorite line was when Brad Pitt is leading the tank platoon along a road in the rolling countryside toward a nearly destroyed town with refugees on both sides of the road. Pitt is small talking with his crew and looks at the scene and says, "I wonder if Jesus loves Hitler."

Perhaps the real fury has been defined.