Garcia Should Lose.

I'm really disapointed in both campaigns for the Second Congressional District. I tried to start watching Rep. Annie Kuster and her Republican opponent Marilinda Garcia, and their "debate" if it even can be called this.

To me it was more like a small minded, petty cat fight. This Is What The Kuster-Garcia Debate Reminds Me Of.

Garcia should lose this race simply because not only could she not "rise above it."she hasn't done anything to prove her critics are wrong in their statements that she isn't experienced enough to be a member of Congress.

An example: Garcia made a gaffe in her statement about the possibility of the capitol corridor rail project. "I'll have to get back to you on this she said." She never got back.If Garcia Can't Run A Political Campaign How Can She Be An Effective Member Of Congress?

Instead one of the Garcia paid staffers issued a press release stating that "Garcia supported the rail project."

This isn't leadership especially since there are literally reams of information readily available. Ranging from academic sources like MIT to railroad companies that have studied the very same issue. Except Garcia isn't interested in substance her presentation shows this.

I'm not defending Annie Kuster either, but she is the incumbent and has the political experience and battle works around her as a defense. This is what has to be attacked and it wasn't.

I'm ready to call this race as well. I think a substantial number of "undecideds won't even bother voting" in this congressional race. I'll go with 45% for Garcia and Kuster 53%. And it not that Kuster will have a good night, it's because Garcia is not running a campaign that goes anywhere.

Literally. And I don't care how much she pays herself.