To Rule From The Top.

This probably won't be the most organized blog I've ever done but here I go!

I haven't been in elected office since 1998 but I'm still on the mailing list for the NH Challenge newspaper which is a small newsletter dedicated primarily to individuals that face challenges in New Hampshire, whether this is Downs Syndrome, Autism or an accident victim in a wheelchair facing years of rehabilitation.

The elections are near and this month's issue is about the candidates which, I think says alot about their true characters. Let's start with the gubernatorial race. The candidates were asked about their position(s) and policy about issues like disabilities and moving forward in New Hampshire. Gov. Hassan Position On Disabilities Is Quality. It's Too Bad That She Can't Run Other Issues This Way.

Gov. Hassan gave some really good answer(s). Much of what she stated had to do with personal empowerment and giving individuals a chance to lead an "independent life." Hassan talked about various policy issues such as Medicaid II and an attempt to "delay it's implementation"for strategic reasons. I'm not a Gov. Hassan supporter, but on this issue she is getting something right.

Walt Havenstein didn't even bother responding to the question(s) poised. The authors at NH Challengedid some research into the Havenstein campaign and from what they've said, Havenstein has never taken any type of position or made a statement about anyone that has a "disability."

The State Senate candidates didn't do much better; a majority of them didn't respond, even some like Sen. Jeff Woodburn, District #1 that were contacted at least three (3) times to find out what his position(s) were on issues described in NH Challenge newspaper.

Three times.

Sen. Woodburn seems to have endless time to babble and fluff in the Coos County Democrat with 3/4 page interviews and he seems to love to talk into the microphone and listen to himself talk at WLTN radio in Littleton but, he can't respond to a question that has been asked three times?

Political affiliation regardless I think politicians like Havenstein, Woodburn are individuals that essentially want to rule from the top. Issues and people that aren't convenient simply don't exist.