It's Not Bad. It's Politics.

I'm just finishing watching the Shaheen vs. Brown debate on CNN with Wolf Blitzer. I don't know where politics is going in this state but I'm starting to think these "debates" are nothing more than an agreement between the networks and the respective campaigns for reduced advertising space in exchange for 45 minutes of reality tv which in turn, sells merchandising and advertising.

I think Scott Brown fell mostly on his face. Especially when he was asked "yes" or "no"whether he supports raising the minimum wage. He responded by telling a story about working at Dunkin Doughnuts. His comment(s) about outsourcing the second amendment to the UN deserves some scrutiny as well.

I'm not defending Shaheen either. However, as I've previously reported on this very board is that Shaheen has been in politics long enough to know to come prepared to a debate, especially with her short, pointed answers.

One of them actually floored me. The question was about health care and she stated that "90,000 had signed up for Obama care and that they were better off." This is interesting, I wonder if this statement can be independently verified?

Do you know of anyone in New Hampshire that has signed up for Obama Care? Are they better off?

I was going to use the rest of this blog to outline what my own adventures have been with signing up for Obama Care. So far it has been alot like this U.S. Senate debate and what politics in this state has become.

Everything has been outsourced including the future.