Buying Into It.

The state budget isn't balanced.

Instead of being a leader and accepting the situation Gov. Hassan instead issues a memo to the department heads: "cut your budgets."

AnThe State Budget Isn't Balanced. Gov. Hassan Proposes To Cut.d they will.

It will be business as usual. Instead of cutting a $150,000.00 contract for new office furniture they'll cut the part-timers at license renewals and the lines of frustrated people will now stretch through the lobby out into the parking lot. It will be the same thing across state government. They won't cut the capital they'll cut the people.

I'm not going to even bother trying to explain how this is wrong and why what Gov. Hassan is doing is wrong. Previously, I had reported that Gov. Hassan recently came to the north country in conjunction to a "business summit." And that her sheer presence lead to positive feedback about the Governor and what she is doing for New Hampshire.

In that last sentence I should have said what she is "selling to New Hampshire."Because that is what it is and it is now selling well. People are buying into this. Gov. Hassan even managed to get into her speech "how much she misses Ray Burton." Of course the room has to erupt into applause.

Popularity by association. Gov. Hassan Is An Effectve Salesman. People are buying into what she is saying. I'll predict she is re-elected by a 54% margin.

I'm going to level some of this blame on the Havenstein for Governor campaign as well. The state budget isn't balanced and despite press releases proclaiming his budget Walt 2.0 or whatever it's called. I'm not seeing any evidence from Havenstein that he is planning on doing anything differently that what Gov. Hassan is doing.

This is why I think Gov. Hassan will be re-elected right now I'm targeting 54% but the number could even go to 57% depending on how the "debates" go.