The Jay Lucas Effect.

According to the media there are seven scheduled "debates"between Gov. Maggie Hassan and her opponent Walt Havenstein.

I'm going to stop short of calling these debates I'll say they'll be more like sales pitches designed to garner votes. But with this number of debates alot of things can happen.

Actually, the last debate I remember was watching Gov. Shaheen square off against Jay Lucas. I'll be honest I found Mr. Lucas to come across as a superior, arrogant prick that just happened to be running for Governor. It wasn't a debate either, actually I think Gov. Shaheen exercised a great deal of restraint against a candidate that clearly hadn't either prepared for the debate, had no real knowledge or strategy on the issues; Gov. Shaheen didn't even need to hand him the rope he did it all on his own. Gov. Shaheen decimated Jay Lucas in the debates not because she is better but was better prepared for what was coming.

For example Lucas blathered on about the state budget and how he would use "competition" to solve issues, not once did Lucas cite how specifically this would be accomplished. Then Shaheen calmly and patiently responds, "Jay either you don't understand how the capital and state budgeting process works or you don't want to understand." Given the arrogant prick tone of Lucas my guess is the later.

But let's move on.

Instead of trying to "debate"Shaheen on this point with facts and coherent ideas Lucas simply injects emotion and ego into the whole thing by bringing up "cop killer Gordon Perry." Like this has something to do with being governor of New Hampshire.

So why am I bringing up Jay Lucas?

Walt Haverstein is older and more mature than Jay Lucas. But somehow I see Haverstein making mistakes that will be similar to what Jay Lucas did. Instead of understanding the process, understanding on how it actually works in New Hampshire, Havenstein will interject his own ideas and experience into the debate which won't do well.

Gov. Hassan is the incumbent that also served in the state senate. She knows the process and knows it quite well. She also knows how to say things that will appeal to the voters. No imagination, creativity, emotion or ideas even required-- just plenty of rope to hand to her opponent to use on himself.

This is how I'm arriving at why Gov. Maggie Hassan will be re-elected by at least a 54% margin.