Bias As Strategy

I'm reading the Portland Press Herald and the news that another paper mill is closing. This one is the Verso mill in Bucksport, Maine that will take down 500 full-time jobs and 44% of that communities tax base with it. The Verso Mill In Bucksport, Maine Is Closing. Taking With It 500 Jobs.

It's interesting to watch how the media portrays all of this. They don't like Maine Gov. Paul LePage this is apparent, instead they endorse his opponent Congressman Michaud. Of course Gov. Lepage hasn't done enough.

So I decided to juxtapose this against the "facts" that I could gather from this publicly traded company and Gov. LePage's office including UTUBE videos. My own research is that this mill is using 1910 era technology that was partially upgraded in 1957. This mill probably should have closed in 2007 when faced with a sharply declining market for it's paper, intense competition from paper mills in Nova Scotia, Canada (heavily subsidized) and finally environmental regulations. But they didn't close. I think this was largely due to the fact that like most paper mills they generate their own electricity which stemmed or at least delayed the enormous market tides crashing against them.

The news media doesn't seem too interested in facts but they do like ideas like Natural Gas pipelines and how Michaud has either contacted or working with Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick to expand this capability to Maine. (As if this is really going to change anything.) By the way New Hampshire separates the two states, I wonder if Michaud is "working" with Gov. Maggie Hassan on this good idea?

It doesn't really matter.

The media does the same thing over here in New Hampshire.